What is Gross Domestic Product?


Gross Domestic Product, a new work by playwright Julia Rosenblatt and composer Martín Carrillo, is a full-length music-theater work that explores motherhood in the "post-feminist” era and its relationship to our country’s economy. It will examine the ever-evolving question of what our country would look like if we included motherhood, and care-taking in general, as part of the gross domestic product (GDP). As award-winning journalist and Pulitzer Prize nominee Ann Crittenden noted, “Why is motherhood as American as apple pie and still the job least valued in our country?”

Newsworthy stories on Motherhood and the female body

What did Chirlane McCray really say? 

And why does the media want to demonize and make hidden the real truths of motherhood? 


McCray had always imagined a life with children, but as with so many women the reality of motherhood—the loss of independence, the relentlessness of the responsibility—was difficult. -NYMag


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