Startin' drama

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Startin' Drama teaches the essential elements needed for a positive school climate; Empathy, Engagement and Empowerment. Startin' Drama moves beyond typical bullying prevention programs by creating and performing scenes that come from participants' specific experiences. Examples of common scene topics are: rumors, cyber bullying, racial stereotypes and anger management. 

HartBeat delivers Startin' Drama in two formats:


  • 60-Minute Assembly: HartBeat performs relevant scenes for the audience. After each scene, students brainstorm alternative actions for the characters that might change the outcome of the scene.  HartBeat replays the scene with the suggested alternative OR with youth who volunteer to take the place of the protagonists and change the scene themselves.  The scene can be replayed multiple times, each with a different suggestion, and it becomes a fun, entertaining way to practice peaceful conflict resolution.

  • After School Program: Startin’ Drama’s after-school curriculum puts both the playwriting and performing into the participants’ hands. HartBeat teaching artists guide students through the process of writing, rehearsing and performing their own scenes for an audience. The program culminates with an interactive theater experience for the school community.


The target population is 3rd through 12th grade and traditionally takes place in-school or through extended-day programs.

For information, call Hannah Simms at 860-808-4299 or email