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Interactive Simulations

Simulations allow participants to refine their empathy and trauma-informed responses when interacting with individuals who have experienced trauma or are confronted with challenging decisions. This component particularly focuses on interview techniques that prioritize empathy and sensitivity, catering to the unique needs of service professions.


Client 1: Forensic Investigator Certification

HartBeat Ensemble trains and provides adult actors for the Connecticut’s Governor’s Task Force on Justice for Abused Children (GTF) to portray children who may have been abused. Workshop attendees include forensic investigators and first responders involved in the investigation, intervention and prosecution of child sexual abuse and serious physical abuse cases. 

Client 2: OBGYN 3rd year Resident doctors

"The advanced communication sessions at CESI teach residents how to listen and communicate with patients using well-established advanced communication techniques. The unique program, involving patient actors and utilizing improvisational techniques, allows residents to practice their skills in a safe environment. Quality improvement data from our residency substantiates the value of these training sessions our resident’s education." 


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