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Youth Play Institute (YPI)

About this Experience

YPI is a professional paid internship in community research, acting, playwriting, sound and light design or stage management for young adults between the ages of 16 and 21 years old. Youth work collaboratively to develop and express their perspectives about social justice topics and engage audiences through a political lens.


Participants are paid a stipend. Academic college credits available from select institutions.

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Summer 2024

Spring 2024

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Summer 2023


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What Participants Say...

“I knew voting was important. But I definitely felt like an insignificant part of the process. Now after research and gaining more information, I realize that voting is an important part of the democratic process evident by how many people try to suppress the votes of marginalized populations. So voting and making sure my voice is heard is a middle finger to all those trying to silence it."    YPI Participant, 2019 Fall Session

"My views about sound design in theater changed. I learned more about the process and how important [sound] is to the emotion of a show."

Participant, 2022 Spring Session

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