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Stories Toward a Beloved Community

This program is a professional development enterprise of storytelling and theater-based practices to help organizations build more empathetic and just working and learning communities. These interactive engagements, in a variety of forms, allow participants to practice stepping up, using empathy, active listening, and making conscious choices. We utilize interactive theater, drama-based strategies, and experiential learning to address complex DEIJ issues and foster meaningful change.


Story Circles

Drawing from the storytelling technique developed by John O'Neal, co-founder of the Free Southern Theater and the Junebug Productions theater company, Story Circles provide a participatory process that encourages individuals to openly share personal stories and experiences within a safe and supportive environment. This process requires trained facilitators in a 10:1 participant ratio.


Forum Theatre

Also referred to as theater of the oppressed or participatory theater, forum plays offer an interactive platform where audience members actively engage in the exploration and resolution of social and political issues. Developed by Brazilian theater practitioner Augusto Boal, forum plays turn spectators into "spect-actors" who not only observe but actively participate in the performance. 


Interactive Simulations

These simulations serve as a platform for participants to refine their empathy and trauma-informed skills when interacting with individuals who have experienced trauma or are confronted with challenging decisions. This component particularly focuses on interview techniques that prioritize empathy and sensitivity, catering to the unique needs of first responders, forensic interviewers, and medical residents.

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We qualify for up to $30,000 in matching funds through the Hartford Foundation

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