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“Part of HartBeat’s support of #MeToo is taking this opportunity to shine the light on these playwrights and their characters, all of whom are bold, unconventional and unapologetic, “ said Cin Martinez, Ensemble Member


(Women's Theater Festival)

WTF! (Women’s Theater Festival) is series of new works centered around political and social themes. The goal is to offer playwrights the opportunity to present their work in progress, receive feedback from the audience through talk-backs, and build a sense of place at the Carriage House Theater.  


April 12, May 3 & 17 at 7:30pm

Talk-backs with the artist following all performances.

General Admission: $15

Seniors, Students & Let's Go Arts: $10

As always, no one left behind for lack of funds.

No Boxes Allowed

April 12 at 7:30pm

Written & Performed by Tonille Simone Watkis, No Boxes Allowed hilariously depicts Tonille’s quest from childhood through adolescence and beyond, trying to build her self esteem as a plump brown skinned girl and daughter of Jamaican immigrants, in melting pot America. Throughout the last 5 years, Tonille has enjoyed touring and performing her autobiographical one woman play for audiences across the United States and Jamaica, as a reminder that each person is so much more than one box can hold.


May 3 at 7:30pm


Playwright Wi-Moto Nyoka shares a supernatural one act play about a family of Espiritistas navigating old magic in contemporary life. Zoe has long since turned her back on the family ways and forgotten all about her gift. But when a powerful spirit begins to torment her there is no place left to hide. Zoe must face her past or be the destruction of everyone she loves.

Performance in English.

School's Out & 8 Angry Board Members

May 17 at 7:30pm

HartBeat Ensemble member Julia Rosenblatt shares a reading of two one-act plays, both looking at the local and national phenomenon of mass urban school closures.  School’s Out: Crawford Elementary School is on the chopping block. As students, families and faculty fight to save their school, Principal Cathy Pierson must choose which side of history she is going to be on. 8 Angry Board Members:  A malfunctioning urban Board of Education is tasked with closing down three schools by the end of the school year. They end up trapped in a classroom, hiding from an angry mob of parents, students and teachers, with one hour to make their final decision. 


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