Dear HartBeat Family,

My first official day at HartBeat Ensemble was exactly one year ago.

What a year.

And we're still here...

Because of the fearless artistry of the women who propelled our fall season: Wi-Moto Nyoka, Julissa Rodrigues, Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel, Kristina Wong, Charmagne Tripp, Brandee Younger, Madeline Sayet, and Cynthia Lyon. And some who aren't pictured -- I'm thinking of Leila Buck and Tamilla Woodard, two of the core collaborators on American Dreams.

Because of our undaunted and relentless Managing Director Rhoda Cerritelli pulling resources and strategies from seemingly nowhere.

Finally, we are still here because of you and your steadfast support last spring and beyond.

As we begin our year-end fundraising drive on this Giving Tuesday, we look forward to your continued support this holiday season. And if you haven't made your donation this year, consider this a friendly reminder of the work we've done this year, the promise of the work to come, and that the work won't happen without your annual contribution.

Be kind to yourself and others. Perhaps, instead of going to a gathering, listen or watch one of HartBeat's digital offerings at And thanks so much for keeping us afloat and giving us the courage to see the opportunities of 2020.